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Tell me if this is you...
  • you want to create a digital product but you don't have any ideas where to start 
  • you have some product ideas but you have no idea whether they would sell or not
  • you've tried selling a digital product or two but made no consistent sales yet
Now the problem with being stuck here is that it doesn't allow you to move forward...
You get stuck in analysis-paralysis land when there are others out there who have simply picked one or two ideas and are already making money with it.
You might even be thinking of giving up altogether because it just seems so damn confusing and hard. 
Here's the harsh truth no guru out there is telling you:
No matter how stunning your digital product is - if no one wants it you won't make sales.
In other words, no demand = no sales

This is especially true if you plan to sell on a platform like Etsy where you have thousands of competitors. 

The trick here is not to create something that no one ever has created before (there's a reason why demand = sales) 

The trick here is to create something BETTER in a category that already shows potential. 

And what's the best way to find what has potential? 

Existing sales data and metrics. 

Are people currently buying this product or not? 

This should be the make or break question before you even open your laptop to start creating something.

But not all of us know how to read data or even know what to look at. 

I want to help you change that. 

I've compiled 100 digital product ideas that are Etsy bestsellers and make anywhere from 5-100 sales per day. 

Just imagine what you could do if you could create even 1 such product. 

Imagine being able to make 5 consistent sales per day - from a product you only created once with 90% profit margins. 

I bet it would change your life.

Introducing 100 Digital Product Ideas Guide where I share with you the BEST digital products to be selling online in 2023!


  • PDF including 10 bestselling products in 10 best-selling niches with screenshots and descriptions [total 100 trending ideas]
  • Bonus video training on how I went from $0 to $20k/month with digital products
  • Bonus list of recommended tools & resources to get started even as a total beginner 

Due to the digital nature and immediate access of this product, all purchases are final sale and are non-refundable.

  • Which niches do you cover in this guide?
    We cover: fitness, spirituality, business, wall art, wedding, productivity, home, real estate, skin & beauty, art & craft.
  • Do you provide links to bestselling Etsy products?
    Due to legal and moral reasons we do not provide direct links to these products. However, you can simply input the product idea in the Etsy search bar and find the suggested products yourself.
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Thanks to Shruti's programs I am now earning $500 a month with my blog and I cannot wait to go full-time with my side hustle!