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Get My Entire $1M Digital Product Formula
learn how to sell digital products that make sales on repeat!


Perfect if you are a complete beginner to digital products and making money online!

What's Included:

  • My entire system for selling digital products online from scratch (that makes me $150k+ each month)
  • A complete walkthrough of top-selling digital products and how to go from zero to launch (works for every industry)
  • Step-by-step tutorials for Stan, Etsy & Shopify so you can pick the platform that is best for you (and setup your shop quickly)
  • How to drive traffic using Pinterest & TikTok (and the 3 types of content that gets us over 1M views per month)
  • Tech tutorials including keyword research tools, Canva & ChatGPT (+ hacks that help us stay 10 steps ahead of competitors)
  • The exact process to scale to 5-figures/month using advanced sales hacks (valid for both Etsy and branded digital sellers)
  • Done-for-you trackers and templates so you can 10x the speed of creating and selling digital products with ease

+ a bonus private FB group where you can ask any and all questions related to digital products and get support within 1 business day!

What our students are saying:
How do I know you are for real?

I get it, it's easy to be skeptical of an online guru you've never met.

Hi! I'm Shruti and I've been in the online business world since 2017. 

I've run blogs, tried all sorts of digital side-hustles and managed to build an audience of over 250,000 people including social media and email subscribers in the process.

After getting fired from my job right before the pandemic , I decided to take up digital products full-time in 2020 and in just 4 years, I've built a 7-figure business.

Here's a few screenshots so you can see that I walk the talk:

I won't tell you that you will make a million dollars in a week, because quite honestly, building a REAL business needs strategy, implementation and persistence. Anyone who's telling you that you can get rich overnight is simply LYING.

The Digital Product Academy can provide you the roadmap that worked for me and thousands of other students AND the community support you need to take action, but you're still going to have to show up for yourself and actually implement what you learn.

This is why I created an actionable course packed with a step-by-step roadmap so that even as a total newbie you know exactly what to do to go from making $0 a month to thousands of dollars every single month.

After that, all you really need is to take action.

Due to the digital nature of this product no refunds are possible. 

  • Is this for me if I'm a total beginner?
    Yes. My course starts at the very basics to ensure that you have the right foundation and once that is set we move to intermediate and advanced lessons.
  • Do I need paid ads for this to work?
    No, you can get to 6-figures without paid ads. Paid ads are an amplifier and not a necessary pre-requisite to succeed as a digital business owner. Inside this bundle, I share with you how to get sales using Instagram & grow your traffic with blogging & Pinterest.
  • Can I do this if I have no followers?
    Yes. Most of my students have less than 100 followers and build their audience while taking the course. Having followers that have no interest in what you sell is counter-productive. This is why having clarity on what you want to sell first and THEN building an audience using what I share inside this course is what gets you a list of prospective customers - and not just random followers with zero interest in your products.
  • Does this course come with MRR (Master Resell Rights)?
    No, this course does not teach or include Master Resell Rights. I teach you how to create your OWN digital products so that you never have to rely on a third person while building your business.
  • Will this work for me if I already sell digital products?
    If you make over $1000/month selling digital products and are looking to make more sales, then my course Insta Sales Academy will be more beneficial for you - https://sales.digitalempires.co/insta-sales-academy-copy-2/
    If you're not there yet, you can still learn a lot from this program.
  • Do I get support if I have any questions while going through the courses?
    Yes, we offer support inside our Facebook private group where you can drop your questions anytime and get answers within 1-2 business days.
  • Will this work if I live in Europe or Asia?
    Yes, as long as you have access to wifi, a laptop and a Shop platform (such as Shopify or Gumroad), you can 100% make money with digital products - no matter where you are located. We have students from all over the world!
I started a digital product business because I
wanted to have the freedom to work from
anywhere, spend time with my family and live life on my own terms!

My biggest WHY has always been FREEDOM - freedom of time, location and money.

Since I started my business, I've now been able to retire my husband, travel the world full-time and spoil my loved ones.

This may not be the reason why you want to start a digital product business. 

But it doesn't matter because having more freedom WILL and CAN change your life for the better.

Maybe it's about paying off debt for you.
Maybe it's about providing for your family.
Maybe it's about finally quitting your job.
Maybe it's about looking after your health.
Or maybe it's living a life of freedom - just like me.

Either way, I know that this IS possible for you. 

Every day that you say "not today" is another day that you're missing out on building that extra income stream

The sooner you start, the sooner you

get to build a profitable business. 

The choice is yours.

Come join me and 5000+ others 

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Done for you Faceless Marketing Guide with Resell Rights

Special one-time offer, only $39 $19!

Inside this 44 page Faceless Marketing Guide you will learn the step by step method to use a faceless Instagram account for digital marketing. With this eBook, you'll receive a Canva editable link (works with a free Canva account!), allowing you to customize and personalize the 44 pages effortlessly. The Resell License allows you to rebrand and sell this ebook as your own!

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